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Pastic Water Meter Box (Small)

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- It protects your water meter against external factors.
- Protects your water meter from rain, sun and snow.
- It is suitable for all DN15-DN20 “TÜRKOĞLU” brand water meter models.
- Box cover can be opened 180 °.
- It has a special locking device.
- Valves, check valves, strainers etc. can be assembled.

Underground meter box is designed for the connection of consumers to the water distribution
network. It is composed of several parts made of synthetic materials reinforced with fi breglass :
- A15-class cover or B125-class cover
*B125-class adjustable
- Extension resistant to compression
- Tank
- Bottom * must be assembled with a B125-class adjustable frame
- The meter boxes are delivered unassembled.
*A set of accessories is supplied with each meter box to make the incoming and outgoing
connections watertight.

Dimension / Weight
Plastic Small   Box Nominal Dimension  DN mm
Size Inch       
Lenght L mm 310
Width Approx W mm 193
Total Height H mm 180
Weight Approx * kg 0,75

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